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Hopefully the nomination and selection procedure for the International Football Hall Of Fame are as fair and as simple as possible -- yet also thorough enough that only the greatest of players will be chosen.

In "The Voting System" is a summary of the rules. "Vote Now" is an on-line voting form -- the most important nomination is for the actual "Hall Of Famer", since without your vote a player can't even be considered.

There's also a vote for "IFHOF Player of the Year" (1998-1999 season), a current football player you believe will be inducted into the International Football Hall of Fame in the future. This is more informal but will be an interesting guide to the most popular current footballers.

This year's voting has begun. Be sure to cast your vote. You can return often to revisit your vote, make changes you would like and check on how the vote is progressing. Changes can be made up until the final tally takes place.

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Top 10 Nominees for
the Hall of Fame
in the Current Voting

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Top 10 Nominees for the
IFHOF Player of the Year
(1998-1999 Season)

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