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A Mecca for Every Fan
by Harry Harris

atrium A MECCA for fans throughout the world ... that's the exciting concept of the INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME.

And you can vote for your favourite amongst the greatest world stars of all-time to gain him entry into the Hall Of Fame's exclusive ranks.

For the first time, the world will have a soccer Hall of Fame to rival anything the Americans have produced for their baseball and basketball heroes, and it will be based in the country that gave birth to the world's greatest game.

Throughout the world, there is no sport that unites people like football. But to date, there is no place where those fans can celebrate their greatest heroes and re-live the game's most memorable moments.

Until now.

Manchester, one of the world's biggest football cities, will be the home of the International Football Hall Of Fame.

In 2001, an exciting new visitor attraction, opens its doors. It will not only be a place that pays homage to the rich history of soccer, but will also put visitors in the middle of the game through revolutionary and exhilarating interactive experiences and fantastic rides.

Just a few of the exciting experiences are outlined below...

The Hall Of Fame

external view AT THE heart of it all is the Hall Of Fame itself. A cathedral of football. Huge, embracing bronze arms, on which are etched all the names of the Hall Of Famers, curve around a giant, revolving globe displaying images of the all-time greats. In a series of bays off the central exhibit, are displays of memorabilia. Visitors can also use computerised displays to see video clips off their chosen player.

The Hope And Glory Road

FOOTBALL THROUGH the ages is presented as a walk to the ground on match day. A traditional turnstile entrance sets a warm, nostalgic atmosphere and the architecture of the street reflects the historical evolution from the early days to the modern era.

At the far end of the walk, stadium-style seating and a large video wall allow visitors to enjoy favourite historic moments. Walking along, you can dip into football folklore via touch screens or enter through themed archways to see football's origins: how kit has evolved, the history of clubs and competitions - even get the chance to be a manager.

Skykick - The Ride!

A THRILLING, adrenaline-pumping adventure where you can experience the breathtaking, high speed flight of a football! Climb aboard and sit in gleaming, ball-shaped globes as you travel around the leisure attractions, taking in all the spectacular sights - before being hurtled into a heart-pumping thrill-ride finale

The Match

A THREE-dimensional audio-visual event - a sensation for adults and children alike. Entering this 360 degree experience, you feel as though you're actually on the turf at Wembley or Hampden Park. The noise and excitement reaching fever-pitch as the blistering action of the game ricochets around you.

TOTAL CONTROL - activities area

A VARIETY of interactive games test your mental and physical abilities, whatever your age or footballing skill ... and you can play solo or in a team.

In Take A Penalty, you get the chance to score against your favourite goalkeeper. Free Kick sees how accurately you can hit a dead ball. The Tackle Tunnel tests whether you can get past opposing defenders while the Challenge Chamber tests your dribbling skills.

Maybe, though, you'll visit the Resource Centre and access the encyclopedic information, visual and written. Or you'll give commentating a go in the fully operational TV studio.

All this and much, much more awaits you at The International Football Hall Of Fame. And, with the support of the Professional Footballer's Association, who knows which famous footballing star you'll actually bump into!

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