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What the Game Needs Now...

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Pro-Football Hall Of Fame, Basketball Hall Of Fame, Ice-Hockey Hall Of Fame, Tennis Hall Of Fame...

...as a football fan have you ever thought why so many major sports are represented by their 'Hall of Fame', except the world's favourite game?

Well relax, this travesty is about to be rectified. As befits the country that gave the world football, England will soon be the home to the one and only definitive "International Football Hall Of Fame". And for the supporter it won't just be a dictatorial and arbitrary election process but one in which you play an integral part in how a player gets selected. Nor will it be biased towards any country or continent -- as befits the global scope of 'the beautiful game' it is for the players and fans of every country.

First things first. For all you uninitiated out there asking just what is a 'Hall Of Fame' and why it's so important to our world game, we'll try and explain...

The idea behind a 'Hall Of Fame' is to celebrate and commemorate the best sportsman and women of a given sport. The first major one to establish itself was the Baseball Hall Of Fame which has been going since 1939 in Cooperstown, New York. Through an annual election process, retired players are selected by a group of established baseball journalists.

This is the principle by which most others have followed. But not football (or soccer depending on where you live). Sure there have been exhibitions and self-proclaimed 'museums' in which displays have been set up, yet nothing on a permanent basis that honours the very best players the game has produced. And what a choice there is.

The (unofficial) history of modern football spans well over a hundred years. In that time it has gone through many manifestations and changes in style (especially with the current economic upheaval that's taking place), but most importantly whatever team or country you support it's also produced some exhilarating moments and some magical players -- and continues to foster exciting legends for the future.

That's why honouring our heroes in the "International Football Hall Of Fame" is so necessary: an election process that includes football fans, ex-footballers and journalists from every playing country around the world; and a magnificent new building that will become a shrine for fans and an exciting new leisure complex in its own right.

Celebrating the spirit and enjoyment of the game itself, this complex will be a magnificent, state-of-the-art building featuring a museum, film auditoriums, an interactive entertainment centre, a training area, a mini-stadium and, of course, at its heart the actual 'Hall Of Fame' itself -- a showcase for the chosen few who can truly be called legends! That's the "International Football Hall Of Fame". An inspirational new concept and leisure complex for the players and the fans.

It's been far too long in coming -- but now it's become a reality!

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